32" Modern Solid Plywood Bathroom Vanity Set Brera Glossy Gray with Mirror

By vachera

$1,199.00 $1,231.00

With this innovative and stunning design, Brera Glossy Gray will seem more than just a bathroom Vanity.


Total: $1,199.00 $1,231.00

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With this innovative and stunning design, Brera Glossy Gray will seem more than just a bathroom Vanity.
Glossy gray plywood, spotless finish, and rubber countertop are emphasizing the European elegance.
This comfortable design will be a perfect solution for your small space bathroom.
This square shaped, smart touch and bright LED illuminated mirror will be a perfect addition to your bathroom vanity.


The high-quality suitable plywood and moisture proof board are the key materials of the cabinet. The rail we are using is corrosion resistant stainless steel, with a heavy-duty self-closed sliding feature.
In the manufacturing process, special materials like glass-ceramics powder are added in raw material which makes the hardness of artificial stone much higher. This technology is called Artificial Microcrystalline stone technology that is the best practice of manufacturing artificial stones.
As the best way of processing crystal materials and “SQ” grade float glass, we are using Italian machines and the highest technologies to get anti-oxidative and Rot resistant mirrors.
Following international requirements and taking care of our customers we are using international E1 grade environmental eco-friendly material, which is pollution-free, anti-static, shock and sunlight resistant. The material we are using is the most suitable and durable for bathroom vanities’ production, as the plywood is filled with high-quality multi-layer Meranti wood.


  • Simplistic and Artistic Design
  • Wall-Mounted Installation
  • Glossy Gray Finish and Waterproof Surface
  • Rubber Countertop
  • Contemporary Design
  • Handle Free Drawers
  • Healthy, Non-toxic, Durable Paint
  • Smart Touch, HD Silver and LED Illuminated Mirror
  • Low Noise and Invisible Hinges Design
  • Unique Comfortable Height Cabinet
  • Anti-Static, Shock and Sunlight Resistant Material
  • Anti-Oxidative, Rot-Resistant Mirror
  • Italian highest technologies
  • Environmental, Eco-Friendly Material
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Size 32"
Style Modern
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