6" x 20" Riscado Concrete Wall Tile in Gray

$9.89/sq ft.

We strive to realize your dream home design with this Concrete Gray Riscado wall tiles.


sq ft.
1 box covers 6.46 sq ft.


Add 10% for waste



Est. delivery:

Total: $63.88

More Details

More Details


We strive to realize your dream home design with this Cement Gray Riscado wall tiles.
If you are looking for an incorporate the impression of landscape straight paths and the contemporary pattern, this breathtaking concrete wall tiles will be well-suited for your interior and exterior home design.
Made quality in mind, this unique shaped gray concrete wall tiles will serve you as long as you wish them to


  • Interior and Exterior Usage
  • Freeze & Thaw Resistant, Thermal Shock Resistant
  • Number of Pieces Per Box- 8 Units
Products specifications
Color Gray
Size 6" x 20"
Style Contemporary
Material Concrete
Width 19 2/3"
Height 5 8/9"
Thickness 1"
Weight 41.89 lb
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