1⁄2” Pressure Balance Rough-in Valve

By fortis


FORTIS’s 1/2" Pressure Balance Rough-in Valve with Diverter is designed to protect you from drastic temperature changes. Features of this valve include ½” NPT connections, test plug, step-by-step installation instructions, and a mechanical diverter. Begin your bathroom makeover with these parts and fittings from FORTIS to enhance your shower and bathing experience. Luxuriate in water that’s properly balanced thanks to this valve. Step-by-step installation instructions make setting your valve up a smooth process. Our limited lifetime warranty gives you the confidence you need when choosing and installing the parts for your dream bathroom.

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  •       1/2" NPT connections
  •       Mecanical diverter
  •       Flows 5.0 GPM @ 60 PSI
  •       Step-By-Step Installation Instructions
  •       Limited Lifetime Warranty
  •       Includes Test Plug


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