24VDC High-Traffic Commercial Slide Gate Operator

By liftmaster


LiftMaster Solar Gate Operators feature a best-in-class power management system that delivers power when needed most to operate the gate while minimizing power consumption at all other times. Power is provided to the gate operator via batteries. The batteries are charged from a solar panel(s) connected to the operator. The number of solar panels required is determined by whether the application is for a single or dual-gate, daily cycle rate, control board current consumption by feature and accessory, and region of the country.

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Solar panel(s) must be located in an open area clear of obstructions and shading for the entire day. Snow, heavy fog or heavy rain affect solar panel performance and charge rate. Solar panels should be cleaned regularly to ensure proper operation. LiftMaster Gate Operators utilizing the solar option in cold weather climates where temperatures reach below -32°F (0°C) for more than 2 consecutive weeks require 33Ah batteries in lieu of standard 7Ah batteries. This is due to the effect of cold weather on batteries and a reduced number of hours of sunlight during the winter months. 

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