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Black Haute Couture Interior Door

By legnori

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Black & White Collection is a symbol of sophistication and dynamism, which rises to the pinnacle of design reinventing graphic lines and geometric shapes. Two color lines with 10 models. Each of the 10 vibrant models, creates a striking uniqueness, inspiring a bold and mysterious environment. All models exhibit an edge of red, a charming detail which distinguishes the collection and becomes its brand identity.

The art of contrast. Powerful pieces that reflect spirit, refinement and sensuality. The designs, distinctively, set a rhythm and create a personality.

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In Black & White, a masterly sense of line is imposed by each vibrant style whose designs are so powerful they create an optical shock within its surroundings. The art of contrast is expressed in the glamour of black or in the purity of white. So intense, this collection creates an air of mystery and sensuality.



Faces with exclusive or flush design. Square edge 1 ¾“. Hollow core / Solid core. Garnet lipping all around the perimeter of the door.


MDF. Architraves square and butt jointed 3 ¹/₈“.


Premium lacquered.


Handle with exclusive design and finishing. Magnetic lock and invisible hinges.


Height: 79” to 90 ½”. Width: 27 ½” to 35 ½”. Others upon request.


Sliding doors.


Fire Door 30 min.



Haute Couture offers luxuriously stunning pieces expressed in two distinct Collections: Black & White and Makassar. These unique Collections invite you to journey through charismatic material and design, where the glamorous and daring models compliment outstanding décor. Inspired by the spirit of haute couture, they elevate the humble door to a delightful decoration piece in its own right, acting as a focal point, and transcending its purely basic function.


Able to surprise and to seduce, Black & White and Makassar Collections, combine premium materials with high quality manufacture and represent a masterpiece in modern interior doors.


Haute Couture celebrates more than 50 years of experience, and brings the passion and the art of working quality materials, in a creative expression with innovative vision.











Optical Art. White on black, the spirit of the sixties. Invigorating and vibrant geometry demonstrating the strength of personal expression.



The strength of the simplicity. A variation on a visual strength, evoking perhaps a feel of movement.




Zen. The circle, symbol of perfection, eternity and wisdom. A simple yet dramatic creation from the Orient, simultaneously majestic and serene.



Style exercises. A visual shock treatment. The strong intensity of the line interrupted by a natural break that in no way mars its directness.


Double the impact. A simple device that divides yet harmonizes space in a truly simple way.




Shadow and light. In Art Deco style, the materials used produce a distinct harmony of transparency and opacity.





The meeting of lines suggests little squares that stand out in design, giving three-dimensionality to a flat material. The squares seem to vibrate with lightness captured in the light itself.



Irreverent, this model creates intense impact by design contrasts. A precious jewel motif distinctively sets a rhythm and creates a personality.




The link between squares and diamonds suggests the presence of overlapping cubes and a vibrant and impressive visual effect.





A design refined to its utmost, a door that stands apart with self-affirmation by its volume. The righteous balance between minimalism and presence.







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