BWC-92 AL Wood-Aluminum Window

By baualu

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The combination of natural wood and modern aluminum, resulting in extremely durable joinery with a classic and elegant appearance, providing the interior with a warm and cozy atmosphere. For the production of wood-aluminum windows, we use carefully selected wood that meets the highest quality standards. The aluminum profile protects the wood frame from the facade and protects the windows from weather conditions' harmful effects, thus ensuring their longevity. Aluminum and wood windows are resistant to mechanical damage, as well as protect your home from break-ins.

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The application of the external aluminum cladding to 92 mm thickness wood windows resulted in an energy-efficient product of extraordinary durability, allowing for exceptional building aesthetics.
The beauty of wood enriches the interiors by offering premium and elegant character. The aluminum cladding allows almost any finishing of the windows while protecting them from weather impact.





Transparent: Meranti

 Chocolate Brown  Dark Grey Azure  Light Grey Azure Light Oak Classic  Mahogany Classic  Nut Classic 
Old Pine Classic  Palisander Classic  Pine Classic  Teak Classic  Transparent  White Azure 


Transparent: Pine

Chocolate Brown   Dark Grey Azure  Light Grey Azure  Light Oak Classic  Mahogany Classic Nut Classic 
 Old Pine Classic  Palisander Classic  Pine Classic  Teak Classic  Transparent  White Azure


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Material Aluminum-Wood

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