Calacatta Gold 48" x 48" Natural Matt Porcelain Tile

By marblessa

$5.77 sq ft./ $178.78 box

Calacatta gold white porcelain wall and floor tile offers an alternate white marble effect look for those not wanting the traditional grey veined tile. As a design colour white is often described as a relaxing colour, neutral to its surroundings, combine this with the beautiful natural marble-inspired vein patterns and you get a fusion of modern colour and a classic-looking floor. Marble has been the inspiration for interior floor tiles for as long as we have tiled floors, but the use of real marble can be fraught with difficulties. From the specialist sealers and cleaners required for its maintenance to the prohibitive cost of the stone and its installation, real marble is often simply not viable for most. However modern porcelain manufacturing has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years, and now with the availability of high-definition imaging technology, you can get a real marble-looking floor for a fraction of the price of the real stone. Ideal for use as a floor and a wall tile throughout the home this durable porcelain floor tile is perfect for busy living areas, hallways and of course bathrooms and kitchens.

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sq ft.

1 box covers 30.99 sq ft.

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Total: $178.78

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  • Slip Resistance
  • Stain Resistance
  • Eco Friendly Product
  • Wall & Floor Application
  • Easy To Clean

Products specifications

Color White
Material Porcelain
Width 48"
Height 48"
Thickness 0.35"
Weight 136.4