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$9.20 sq ft./ $272.15 box

Cluny is a tile collection named after the famous French city in the Burgundy region where the stone which inspires the collection can be found. Its design stands out for the fossil remains scattered randomly across the surface, lending it an eye-catching sense of movement. The collection comes in a soft warm colour spectrum in keeping with current trends, perfect for creating soothing, harmonious living spaces. This porcelain tile collection comes in two finishes and a choice of different thicknesses, depending on the applied technology and intended use of the tiles. In the case of the Shaped finish, the design is carefully aligned with the relief pattern found on this kind of stone. These tiles come in an 8mm-thick 100x100 format or a 6mm-thick 100x275 one, ideal for bringing a restful air of elegance to living, whether public or private. The Non-Slip finish is available in a 100x100 format in either an 8mm thickness or the highly popular 20mm-thick one, conceived to help create robust, visually appealing outdoor paving. The collection also features matching white-body tiles so that living spaces can be created with an all-round, unified appearance.

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Products specifications

Color White
Material Porcelain
Thickness 0.23"
Weight 84.7 lb