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$4.46 sq ft./ $51.82 box

The Lucca collection is inspired by an elegant original-looking stone from the Lucca area of the Italian Tuscany region. This is a highly prized stone because it can only be found in the little Villa Collemandina, and historically it was used to pave and decorate settings with a strong visual appeal, thanks to its white veins. Now it has been reinterpreted by Peronda to help create living spaces with a comfortable contemporary allure. The collection comes in a 90x90 and 60x120cm format in Peronda’s typical range of colours: white, beige, grey and anthracite. Because All in One technology is used to make the tiles, they combine an extra-smooth surface with non-slip properties. Given Lucca’s multiple uses, the collection saves on the amount of stock, simplifies logistics, and allows for seamlessly matched indoor and outdoor areas.

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Products specifications

Color Gray
Material Porcelain
Thickness 0.35"
Weight 45.39 lb