Pivot Entrance Door Arlington

By baualu

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Designed by the skillful hands of Baualu's dedicated craftsmen, our entrances have only one purpose: to combine safety, reliability and efficiency into uncompromising living comfort. We have infused our entrance doors with a range of innovative trends that will truly make your home an oasis of calm, togetherness and warmth. Upgrades in thermal and acoustic insulation combined with a smart unlocking system and smart lighting perfectly complement the most popular smart home solutions.

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A beautiful combination of imitation wood and aluminum


Various wood imitations work very well in aluminum front doors. The model Pivot Entrance Door Arlingtonsports an interesting play of color between the black oak wood decor and a RAL grey. The band of wood decor incorporates a round, elongated handle and a SECURO fingerprint scanner can also be fitted. When planning a new building, think about incorporating sidelights into your design; even a single sidelight adds decorative value to your home. They also provide exceptional security, as at Pirnar we use three- or even four-pane glazing with special safety glass.



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