Pivot Entrance Door Seattle

By baualu

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Designed by the skillful hands of Baualu's dedicated craftsmen, our entrances have only one purpose: to combine safety, reliability and efficiency into uncompromising living comfort. We have infused our entrance doors with a range of innovative trends that will truly make your home an oasis of calm, togetherness and warmth. Upgrades in thermal and acoustic insulation combined with a smart unlocking system and smart lighting perfectly complement the most popular smart home solutions.

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A play of contrasting colors and glass motifs


The clean design of the 0100 aluminum front door creates a feeling of softness and freshness with its light surface. The vertical, clear glass pane with a sandblasted motif further accentuates the light, finely-textured color of the door. The door includes a rectangular bar handle and can be fitted with the reliable SECURO fingerprint scanner. A stylish, stainless steel protective trim completes the overall look of the door. If space permits, you can opt to include sidelights, to bring more natural light into your home.


  • Color 90147
  • Additional paint outside FS 9016
  • Clear glass motif sandblasted
  • Handle ANGULAR95
  • Reliable locking system with SECURO finger scanner and ARMO COMFORT ELECTRO lock
  • Stainless steel protective trim 6203


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