Side Sliding Leaf Doors

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When planning gates, space often presents a particular challenge in many halls. It is not everywhere that there is enough space to the side for a sliding gate. Of course, Baualu offers a ground-supported or suspended above customized solution to this. Our side sliding leaf door bend and contort for you. They can be adapted to places where hardly anything else fits. If there is too little space to the sides, then the Baualu articular sliding gate follows the side wall as if by magic. With a lateral space requirement for the deflection of 20 cm, we offer an all-round patent solution when it gets tight. Circular flights can be produced by us with a standard width of up to 100 m and a height of up to 30 m.

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Thinking around the corner

We are able to make your gate slide 90 degrees (or more) around the corner. Element widths from one to 1.35 meters (or wider on request) make this effortlessly possible. In the curve area, only approx. 200 millimeters of space are required to implement this technology. Precisely lasered curve parts are our secret when it comes to running smoothness.
The doors are suspended or run on the floor, like a sliding folding door. Several carriages hanging on top of a running rail and a guide rail on the floor ensure problem-free handling. The gates can be opened and closed manually or automatically, depending on the intended use and customer requirements.



The gates are suspended, like a sliding folding gate, with a slide rail at the top and a guiding rail on the ground to ensure easy operation. They can be opened manually and automatically. The strengths of the articular sliding gate by Baualu: space-saving, little noise, low-maintenance, high flexibility through adaptability to the building structure, extensive individual options.



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