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When we created the Sur├│ collection we once again proposed solid wood as the protagonist of the bathroom, to give it warmth and tradition. At the same time we were looking for an elegant, sober and timeless design. We frame the furniture with a large bevel around it as if it were a painting. With this frame we wanted to highlight the idiosyncrasy of the wood, especially its grain. To do this, we decided to finish the furniture with a smoke staining process, which highlights the grain of the ash wood. These subtle nuances, and the expert hands of our team, have achieved a product with a strong character, but at the same time timeless and simple. We opted for a handleless system with a Push opening system so as not to visually interfere with the work done with the wood. On the other hand, the collection has multiple composition options, different heights, modules with drawers and doors as well as different auxiliary furniture. Everything necessary to guarantee the needs of each user.

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Material: Solid ash wood, smoked effect finish.
Minimum module: size 80 cm.
Maximum module size 140 cm
Push opening system.
Module 1 drawer.
Module with 2 drawers and door.
Auxiliary furniture with 1 or 2 doors.
Auxiliary furniture with 1 drawer.


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