Unglazed 24" x 47" Matt White Porcelain Tile, Unique

By feri masi

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Unique is a stunning Collection of unglazed double and triple-loaded porcelain stoneware. It offers an endless number of concrete plates with incomparable raw touch and ultimate design.


sq ft.

1 box covers 15.28 sq ft.


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Add the magic of natural stone colors and the concept of modern design to your home with this stunning unglazed double and triple-loaded porcelain stoneware. This exclusive collection is all about simplicity and beauty, that gives you that contemporary concrete aesthetic feel.
The substantial feature of Feri Masi collection is its durability, low porosity, low maintenance requirements, and easy installation, which is suitable for residential or commercial applications.
With an exceptional raw touch matt and smooth surface, this double-loaded white porcelain tile is individually designed using a unique system, that ensures its high quality. It’s completely unglazed porcelain, perfect for both wall and floor decoration.


  • Unglazed Double-Loaded Porcelain Stoneware
  • Interior And Exterior Usage
  • Water Absorption: 0.03%
  • Resistance: Frost, Thermal Shock, Deep Abrasion
  • ISO/DIN/ENV/BS Certificates
Products specifications
SKU TFM307P2447W
Color White
Style Contemporary
Material Unglazed Double and Triple-Loaded Porcelain Stoneware
Width 23 1/2"
Height 46 6/7"
Thickness 3/7"
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