Rasoplan Door Vera Collection

By venus design

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A comprehensive collection of coplanar doors which adapt to any space and style, thanks to a choice of different types of frame and a wide array of finishes. Vera’s versatility allows you to create custom-made doors up to 270 cm tall and 120 cm wide.

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Door flush to the wall

These doors are coplanar, meaning they are perfectly aligned with the wall itself. The hinges are concealed and there is no door casing, to emphasise the minimalist look.



Wallpapered or painted,the door is barely visible as it blends into the wall.

You can wallpaper the door, for a dramatic look, or paint it the same colour as the wall, for an on-trend invisible effect.




Cashmere, the new revolutionary technology from Venus Design

Cashmere is a new technology, developed exclusively by Venus Design, for the first time in Italy. Unique and revolutionary, it is the result of the hard work and dedication of our R&D department. It adds an ultra soft-touch, ultra-matt and anti-glare effect to rich wood finishes. It is highly scratch- and water-resistant, easy to clean and environmentally friendly.




New Total Edge

Total edge is a new-generation bonding system for applying Cashmere to all four door edges, concealing the joins. The result is a perfect finish that looks stunning, as well as being resistant to stains and scratches.





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