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Sierra Pivot Entrance Door

By baualu

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The door leaf has been finished by surface coated in dark wood color with beautiful wood grain pattern. The design has been decorated by perfectly matching accessories in deep black. The simplicity of the entire arrangement results in a masterful effect.

Architecture loves natural wood looking for enhancing the style, beauty, and elegance of each building where it is used. State-of-the-art methods of applying faux wood coating on aluminum doors assist the architects in designing warm, beautiful, and comfortable spaces with natural wood effect, yet maintenance free in use.

Construction size: 110” x 142” Door leaf size: 67” x 142”

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Overwhelming at first sight with its elegance and powerful look. This door cannot be overlooked, let alone go through it unimpressed. Its authoritative and majestic appearance combines the state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated prestige. This latest architectural trend responds to the demand for large surfaces and huge door openings. It represents top quality of craft, breaking with conventions and moving doors towards a new era.

A wide range of possibilities, jointing techniques, diversity of color and texture enable us to create stunning door masterpieces. We are experimenting, applying the most desirable novelties of the architectural and decorative industries. We passionately take the challenge of each new idea. All our designs are customized to the requirements and expectations of the customer, thus making your door an absolutely individual piece of art, and a perfectly finished project at the same time.

Pivot door moves away from standard side mounted hinges. The movable pivot solution enables us to manufacture doors of spectacular in size and weight, as well as to achieve stunning visual effect.


1100 LB

 Maximum door leaf weight enabling us to experiment with a variety of finishes, disregarding their weight.


Maximum door leaf dimensions 79” x 158”. Each construction may be additionally extended by fixed elements or by glazing.


Possibility of upgrading the door leaf for inwards and outwards opening.


State-of-the-art technology and innovative fixing system ensure top quality of performance and use, as well as smooth door opening, disregarding the weight of the door leaf.


  •  Construction size: 110” x 142”.
  •  Door leaf size: 67” x 142”.





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