Antea 76 PVC Window

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Antea 76 PVC windows by SPI Finestre are the natural choice for high energy efficiency and eco-friendly houses. Antea 76 windows are made with eco-friendly PVC profiles and provided with a rich standard equipment including selective glass with argon gas and warm edge.

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Energy saving

The use of selective glass with Argon gas and the installation of a warm edge inside the glazing, guarantee top thermal-insulating performance for Antea 76 PVC windows.

The profiles certified in class S, Severe Climate, adapt perfectly to the variety of European climatic conditions.


Eco Friendly Quality

The Antea 76 window produced by SPI Finestre is made up of 100% recycled PVC profiles, non-toxic and free from heavy metals. The high quality profiles by Veka are characterized by their recycling and eco-sustainable properties.


Profiles in Class A

The thickness of the walls of the Antea 76 PVC window is certified in Class A (the highest), according to the EN 12608 standard. Profiles with thicker walls equate to greater dimensional stability and a lower risk of deformation compared to the same class B or C profiles. Antea 76 can count on the 3G model threshold, equipped with a central fin and available on request for the French window type. In this configuration, the threshold becomes a welded element, giving uniformity in colors and shapes to the entire frame. From a technical point of view, the 3G threshold offers insulating performance equivalent to a round frame but with less overall height (equal to 40 mm).



Fixed and Casement Types

 Sash Window   Sashes Window  Double sash french door with transom  Double sashes french door with fanlight  Fix set in sash  Fixed glazing bead 
 Lift and slide french door  Lift and slide window  Tilt and slding french door  Tilt and sliding window


Special and not Standard Types

 Curved window  Door  Hopper  Off size window



 Anthrazit Ultramatt   Fenstergrau Ultramatt  Umbra Ultramatt  Graphitsschwarz Ultramatt Stahblau Ultramatt  weib ultramatt White 
Tender Oak Antique Ultra Matt   Tender Oak Grey Ultra Mat  Tender Oak White Ultra Matt  Cedar Grey Cherry  Coated Ivory 
Ivory   Massa White  Siena  Veined White  Walnut Winchester 



On Demand (extra costs)

Atlanta brass satin silver Atlanta brass shiny gold


On Demand (no extra costs)

Argento Satinato Big Bianco Big


Standard (no extra costs)

Avorio Big Bronzo Big Maniglia Toulon Argento Maniglia Toulon Bianca Nero Big Testa Di Moro Big Toulon Oro Satinato Sito SPI



 PVC Box  PVC Top Cover  PVC Blinds  Blind  Venetian Blind



 Air Permeability  Uw Thermal Insulation  Resistance To Water Infiltration  Soundproofing  VOC Certification Wind Resistance
Class 4
(min 1 – max 4)**
Uw up to 1.1
(with Ug = 1.0W / mqK) *
Class 4A
(min 1 – max 4)

glass up to 44 dB
Class A+
(min C – max A+)
Class C2/B3
(min 1 – max 5)


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