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Edge Window System

By baualu

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The EDGE |f| was created to complement the EDGE |s| sliding door.

To discover more about the distinctive features of this product, we created the EDGE |f| Top 10, which are in addition to the outstanding features that accompany all Fleetwood products.

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Product Highlights


All Glass, NO Frame

The EDGE |f| frame is concealed in the wall, ceiling, and floor.

Minimal Exposure – One Lite:

The buried frame aligns seamlessly with the floor, ceiling, and walls to create a flow-through experience.

Minimal Exposure – Multiple Lites:

If more than one lite of glass is desired, only a narrow, vertical sightline is revealed. Customers may choose the interior Fin for added windload strength or to match EDGE |s| doors in the same room.


Flexible & Diverse

The EDGE |f| offers many fixed combinations and also offers a ‘no bottom rail’ option for fixed panels on the EDGE |s|.


The |f| is available in unlimited straight-line networks or with any combination of 90° corners (e.g. zig zags). Designers will also have the ability to create odd angle corners.

EDGE |s| Combination:

The |f| offers clients the choice of a zero-EDGE bottom rail in the |s| sliding door. For example, in an OXXXXO style door, the fixed panels (“O”) can be made with the |s| bottom rail for a continuous bottom rail sightline OR made with the |f| to achieve a zero-EDGE at the floor line.

Frame Styles:

Three frame choices are available:

  • Ow Sill (highest water performance)
  • Dard Sill (highest water & wind load performance)
  • Profile Sill


Field Practicality

The |f| was engineered for easy installation and maintenance.

Painless Glass Replacement:

In typical bi-parting systems, the middle sightline is doubled. In contrast, the EDGE |s| maintains the sleek 1″ sightline because of the unique Reverse Keep design.

Staggered Tracks:

Competing systems require extensive demolition to walls, floors, and ceilings to change glass. In contrast, NO demo is required with the EDGE |f| with at least two lites. With a single lite, only 1” of the drywall needs to be removed from each side to expose the Wedge, keeping the other six surrounding surfaces untouched.

Installation Ease I:

The |f| was engineered for the logistical challenges of setting jumbo glass. Once the frame is anchored to the opening substrates, glass can be installed from the interior or the exterior

Installation Ease II:

The entire frame is assembled before insertion of the glass, allowing quick verification of plumb and square before anchoring. Additionally, the |f| was designed for clean and simple ‘dry-setting’ of the glass. Cheaper systems handle it more like an aquarium, making future glass replacement difficult and messy.


Weather + Energy Performance

Unlike typical buried systems, the |f| offers tested performance.

Labeled Thermal Performance:

Though framing is hidden, thermal conductivity is still an issue. Site-built systems ignore this reality but the |f| comes with thermal barriers and will be tested and NFRC labeled. For even better results, we offer Simulated Performance Alternative factors.

Breathing Wall:

Though buried, the |f| allows minute air particles to move inside the frame, preventing the build-up of condensation in the wall cavity.

Limiting Deflection:

The EDGE Fin is both a cosmetic and performance option. Most systems ignore deflection or require field reinforcing. The Fin has a 1” sightline and is the same depth as the EDGE |s|, making opposing wall installations consistent in appearance.

Water Performance:

With Fleetwood’s hidden Arche-Duct draining system (SFD-E), the EDGE easily handles high-rise water performance.


Glass & Finish

Customers have many options in frame colors and glass types.

Glass Depths & Sizes:

Customers may choose from one of three Glass Wedge depths to accommodate glass thicknesses of 1/2″, 9/16”, 1 ¼” or 1 ½”. These choices allow customers to utilize massive sizes of glass in the realm of 150 square feet.

Colors & Finishes:

The |f| frame is stocked in Clear (Class 1) and Black (Class 1) anodized finishes, both of which come with a 20-year warranty. Custom painted or anodized colors are also available and come with an industry leading 12-year warranty REGARDLESS of location.

Low-Iron Glass:

The EDGE Collection was designed for homes with an elite view. Fleetwood, therefore, recommends using a low-iron glass because of its superior clarity and energy performance. This is especially important when glass lites are thicker than 1/4″ (6mm). Be aware, some “low-iron” glass from Europe may not possess the same clarity as low-iron glass from North America and the VLT (Visible Light Transmission) rating should be studied.


Lifetime Product

The EDGE |f| is unlike any product on the market for several reasons, chief of which are the sustainable features allowing it to be a true lifetime product.

Limited Dealer Access:

EDGE Collection products are only available through the top 20% of our Authorized Dealer family, so you can buy the very best from the very best!

Glass Warranty – Single Lite:

The EDGE |f| comes with a transferable lifetime insulated glass warranty. Though prorated after the 10th year, the glass is factory protected for life.

Glass Warranty – Multiple Lites:

When lites are joined in the field, e.g. butt glazed, the warranty period is 10 years. Other products with exposed glass edges offer NO warranty or a token few years.



Product Features


Standard Features

Finish: Stock Clear Anodize (Class 1) & Stock Black Anodize (Class 1)
Sub-Floor Draining: Arche-Duct (SFD-E)
Sheave Wheel Finish: Black-Finished SS or Polished SS
Sheave Cover Finish: Black Painted SS or Brushed SS
Glass: 1.25″ Depth Select Glass Choices


Optional Features

Painted Finish: 70% Fluoropolymer Resin (Kynar)
Anodized Finish: Light Bronze Anodize (Class 1) & Medium Bronze Anodize (Class 1)
Custom Color Sheave Cover Finish: Powder Coated.


Max Panel Width & Height

The EDGE |s| has incredible strength. The panel width and height depend on the customer’s choice of Keep design and glass thickness.
Max Panel Width: 120″
Max Panel Height: 180″



Pocket: PX, XXXP, etc.

Multi-Slide: XXX, XXXX, etc.

Traditional: XX, etc.

No-Post Inside/Outside Corners

Products specifications