Visio 130 Sliding Window

By spi fenestration

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Visio 130 is the SPI Finestre sliding door system which entirely satisfies customers’ expectations in terms of quality, high insulation, and ease of use. This lift-and-slide system offers innovative and aesthetically attractive solutions to enhance room brightness. Visio 130 is made with a lowered threshold, to ease accessibility. In addition, its robust system allows you to create large sliding doors. This sliding window system is also available in the Visio 130 Slim and Visio 130 Essential versions with reduced central nodes.

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Thermal insulation
Visio 130 is the new lift and slide from SPI Windows with enhanced insulating performance and maximum resistance to atmospheric agents, capable of ensuring insulation performance up to 1.2 W / m2K.

Design and Innovation
The low threshold of just 20mm and an extremely slim central section makes the Visio 130 sliding system the ideal solution for modern architecture and contexts with contemporary furnishings.

Various Solutions
One of the advantages of the Visio 130 sliding system lies in the simplified assembly procedures and in the possibility to customize the central node in the Slim (69mm) or Essential (50mm) version. The profiles of the Alu Visio line benefit from the Qualicoat Seaside treatment which certifies that they are not damaged by corrosive and polluting agents.


 Marble Green  Bronze Coated  Silver Coated  Matt White C2  Matt Ivory C2 Marrone Opaco  Matt Green C2
 Matt Grey   Matt Black C2 Steel   Iron Grey Corten  Palette Colors   



Air permeability Resistance to water infiltration  Uw thermal insulation Wind resistance
Class 4
(min 1 – max 4)*
Class 8A
(min 1 – max 9)
up to 1
(with Ug = 0,6W/mqK)*
Class C2/B3
(min 1 – max 5)









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Material Wood


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