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Baualu aluminum windows are synonymous with modern style, compatible with the trends of contemporary architecture. They are characterized by great durability, resistance to scratches, moisture, and sunlight. They provide excellent thermal insulation and sound-proofing. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and their installation is simple. The advanced technological features ensure energy efficiency, making Baualu aluminum joinery perfect for passive houses. Aluminum windows also mean better security, as they are a hard-to-break through for those unwanted 'guests'. Durable aluminum profiles allow for constructing impressive glazing surfaces of large sizes, perfectly matching the modern family house architecture, as well as larger commercial buildings.

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Excellent strength parameters, corrosion resistance, the ability to achieve extensive glazing, and unconventional and ultra-modern design make aluminum windows often chosen for residential homes.
Baualu aluminum windows are manufactured using aluminum profile systems of renowned European supplies, including German Veka. These systems differ in shape, profile thickness, and the possibility of using various glass depths. The aluminum system also allows for specialty glazing - energy efficient, sound-proof, anti-theft, and more.
Those looking for modern and elegant window solutions will appreciate that Baualu corner windows allow a wide range of arrangement possibilities. Attractive detailing of window frames can be achieved by selecting by any of the classic RAL colors, wood-like foils, two-colors or structural varnishes, a wide range of profiles, including recently trendy angular shape profiles, which will accentuate the unique character of any property.

Introducing the extremely functional, elegant, and innovative Baualu BA-90 Thermo window range, with the option of a corner design BA-90 Thermo 90° with an all-glass corner.
Wide corner connectors were removed from the construction of our aluminum windows, thanks to which two glass panes are joined at an angle of 90 degrees. This increases the window's viewing area, allowing inside more natural light. Glass corner joining is achieved using black glue, which gives a thin black line that adds design character. Tempered glass is used on the outside for maximum comfort and safety.
As the name of the BA-90 Thermo 90° corner windows suggests, they come standard with extremely thermally-efficient triple-pane packages. Excellent thermal insulation is also due to careful sealing and reducing thermal bridges in the structure so that the windows can be used in passive houses. This window option is perfect for ultra-modern architectural projects that use the modern system of elevation. The enlarged glass surface of the window, elegant design, great thermal parameters, and above all, fantastic durability and safety are the reasons to choose our aluminum windows.

Reference BA-90 Thermo aluminum window range for modern, energy-efficient homes. Standard accessories provide exceptional design and enhanced safety.
The standard including the concealed hardware gives the windows an extremely modern and elegant appearance, and a set of four anti-burglary strikers affects the safety of the construction. Three-chamber profile with thermal insert guarantees thermal insulation at the highest level. The system allows special panes - energy-efficient, sound-proofed, anti-burglary, and more. In all Baualu systems, the closed sash creates the impression of a single plane from the outside, which gives the façade a modern and elegant appearance.



Corner Window BA-90 Thermo

• No structural profiles in the corner
• Joining two panes in a corner with black glue creates a single line effect and emphasizes the character of the corner
• The glazing planes can be divided by lacings, which makes it possible to install BA-90 Thermo windows with different types of opening
Corner windows manufactured in this system are primarily products used in modern buildings, where the visual effect meets the expectations of current architectural designs. The shape of the building acquires a light and very modern character. In addition to their visual appeal, they provide free access of light to the buildings in which they are installed.






 Sheffield Oak  Mountain Pine  Light Grey  Winchester  Agate Grey  Anthracite  Smooth Basalt Grey  Basalt Grey White   Brown
 Dark Grey ALUX  Dark Grey Silk  Anthracite Grey Ulti –Matt  Dark Green Red-Brown   Swamp Oak  Wooden Oak  Monument oak Desert Oak   Navy Blue
 Light Oak  Basalt Grey  Mahogany  Oregon  Platinum Crown Ruby  Smooth Sillver Grey  Silver Grey   Green  Golden Oak



Wood-like Varnishes

 Beech  Classic Golden Oak Dark Mahogany  Golden Cherry  Golden oak  Mahogany  Nut   Pine 
 Siena PL Siena Rosso  Swamp Oak  Wenge  White Beech  White Oak  Winchester   








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