BAQ-82 AL Vinyl-Aluminum Window

By baualu

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Vinyl windows with aluminum cladding combine the advantages of both materials in one functional product. The windows meet the highest requirements for thermal protection and safety. The use of aluminum cladding gives the windows a modern and elegant character while maintaining excellent thermal insulation parameters, ease of care, and excellent quality, characteristic of vinyl windows.

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Baualu BAQ-82 AL flagship window range, constructed using unique thermal insulation and anti-burglary solutions. Excellent parameters of BAQ-82 AL windows are confirmed by the results of laboratory tests.






 Anthracite  Dark Grey Silk  Golden Oak Nut  Swamp Oak  Winchester  Wooden Oak 


Special Colors

 Agate Grey  Anthracitte Grey Ulti-Matt Basalt Grey  Black Matt  Black  Brown  Creamy White  Dark Green  Dark Grey ALUX 
 Desert Oak Green  Light Grey  Light Oak  Mahogany  Monument Oak  Mountain Pine  Navy Blue  Oregon 
 Platinum Crown Quartz Grey  Red-Brown  White  Ruby  Sheffield Oak  Silver Grey  Smooth Basalt Grey Smooth Silver Grey 








Products specifications

Material uPVC-Aluminum

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