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A comprehensive collection of coplanar doors which adapt to any space and style, thanks to a choice of different types of frame and a wide array of finishes. Vera’s versatility allows you to create custom-made doors up to 270 cm tall and 120 cm wide.

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One door, three opening mechanisms


Three types of opening mechanism to meet different space requirements. Hinged opening, the great classic in the world of doors; sliding opening, modern and functional; space-saving opening, practical and silent. Find the right door for every style.


Cashmere, the new revolutionary technology from Venus Design

Cashmere is a new technology, developed exclusively by Venus Design, for the first time in Italy. Unique and revolutionary, it is the result of the hard work and dedication of our R&D department. It adds an ultra soft-touch, ultra-matt and anti-glare effect to rich wood finishes. It is highly scratch- and water-resistant, easy to clean and environmentally friendly.



Match the door to the furniture shades

In a matt or glossy finish, coloured doors add an original touch to your spaces. The Acero d’autunno shade in glossy lacquer can be matched with white or light wood furniture.



A unique tactile effect

The textured finish is a feature of the door with its tactile, slightly coarse touch. A special cladding for modern spaces.



Texture inspired by nature

The wood grain brings some natural outdoor beauty into your home, for rooms that are modern yet welcoming.



X Slide
A concealed sliding mechanism

The X Slide mechanism is used for sliding doors fitted externally to the wall. The mechanism is concealed, making the track invisible.




Standard S Pivot P Flush Push F












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