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By oknoplast


The window and door system is a modern structure equipped with a thermal barrier guaranteeing visual weightlessness of the structure and maximum use of glazing.

A sliding system with improved thermal insulation parameters due to the use of a thermal separator enriched with glass fiber. The profile structure allows the construction of large luxurious doors with single or double glazed sealed units. The materials and technical solutions used help achieve a high level of thermal and acoustic protection. These doors are perfect for detached houses as well as apartments that require open spaces.

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A window and door system with increased thermal insulation, equipped with a thermal barrier. It is characterized by high thermal and acoustic insulation, waterproofness and resistance to wind load. This system meets all the requirements for energy saving and environmental protection – its parameters exceed the requirements of the strictest applicable regulations and standards.

Application and functionality


  • Fixed or inward opening windows: Turn-Only, Tilt&Turn, Tilt&Slide

  • single or double leaf doors, opening outwards or inwards

  • optional bending of profiles and installation of arched windows

  • windows and doors with anti-burglary hardware

  • optional dual colored structures: the profiles can feature different colors on the interior and exterior

  • installed separately or in aluminum facades

  • optional use of closure sensors – reed switches




  • 3-chamber sections with a depth of: 3,54 inch (window and door frame, door leaf), 3,89 inch (window sash)

  • 1.77 inch wide thermal barrier made of innovative materials

  • new standard for the profile and glass overlap – increased depth significantly improves the thermal and structural properties of the system

  • additional thermal insulation inserts (optional)




  • max. sash width: 62.99 inch

  • max. sash height 110.23 inch

  • max. sash weight 440 lb




  • filling thickness between 0.82 inch and 3.22 inch for opening windows and 0.47 inch – 2.87 inch for fixed doors and windows





air permeability 

class 4, EN 12207

water tightness

class 9A, EN 12208

thermal insulation

Uf from 0.73 W/(m²K), Uw from 0.7 W/(m²K)

wind load resistance

up to class C4, EN 12210







Ornamental glass allows light to enter the interior of the room, increasing the heat and depth of its functions while maintaining privacy. Sun blocking glass reduces the permeability of solar energy, thus reducing overheating of interiors and providing a comfortable living environment.

 RAL 9007 RAL 7016   RAL 9005 RAL 9006   RAL 9016  RAL 8017






The Pixel handle has a square shape which emphasizes the simple and elegant profile of the window. In addition, it gives the window a modern character, matching both minimalist interiors as well as more sophisticated arrangements.






Made of aluminium, the handles ensure outstanding durability, and their elegant design and ergonomic shapes are the pride of every window. dESIGN+ Handle in a modern shape in accordance with the popular minimalist trend, designed in cooperation with the KISKA design studio, available only in the OKNOPLAST Group.






Aluminum Accessories

An advantage of our products is their excellent strength. They are not damaged by UV rays or moisture, and do not rust or deform. They are also weatherproof and maintenance is simple.



Energy-saving, glazed sealed units serve many purposes: safety, anti-burglary, ornamental, tempered and more Glazed sealed units with panes covered with modern low-emission coatings improve the energy balance of the whole house. Our own production of glazed sealed units with the use of modern scanners allows us to eliminate even the smallest defects in materials and contamination of glass. Fashionable large glazing, narrow profile windows with increased thermal performance and sound absorption are the latest trends in the construction industry. Such solutions require exceptionally strong fittings. The active Pilot Concept with its unique locking system – an octagonal eccentric mushroom head – combines functionality with aesthetic. The shape of the catches and hinges makes the cleaning and maintenance of the windows exceptionally simple.
Explore a new field of application with the fully concealed active Pilot Select fittings – the only one of their kind on the market. The high strength of the new system is based on a patented concept – a special lower hinge design. This solution guarantees high stability, simple installation, and easy use.
The new Warmatec frame is a combination of excellent parameters and aesthetic values. The lower part is made of stainless steel and the upper part is a low thermal conductivity plastic. It reduces the thermal bridge at the contact point between the glass and the frame, and consequently reduces the Uw coefficient for the entire window. The Warmatec frame is available in black, brown and grey.
A component that allows you to lock the patio door from the outside, without having to close them with the inside handle and return easily to the apartment.





A sealed glass unit is installed between aluminum sheets and sealed with silicone. The elements are made of stainless steel and placed in special sockets milled in sheet metal.

Panel cross-section with a triple glazed sealed unity for double-sided cladding. Panel cross-section with a double glazed sealed unit for single-sided cladding. When you order filling with a double-clad panel, what you get is a triple glazed sealed unit.






House numbers enhance the appearance of the door while also serving a practical purpose. They are embedded in the surface of the panel and faced with aluminum sheet.






Sidelights with decorative sandblasted glass produce an eye-catching effect. The design on the glass can be customized (sandblasting).

 NB7  NB6 NB5  NB4  NB3  NB2  NB1 




600 mm
800 mm
1000 mm
1200 mm
1400 mm
1600 mm
1800 mm
2000 mm
2200 mm



600 mm
1400 mm



600 mm
800 mm
1000 mm
1200 mm
1400 mm
1600 mm
1800 mm



600 mm
1400 mm



600 mm
800 mm



600 mm
800 mm



600 mm
800 mm



600 mm
1000 mm
1600 mm


600 mm
800 mm
1000 mm
1200 mm
1400 mm
1600 mm
1800 mm
2000 mm
2200 mm



600 mm
800 mm



600 mm
800 mm



A coding process with the highest degree of security is implemented as a standard in order to completely eliminate any risk of manipulation. The risk of unauthorized manipulation is eliminated by completely enclosing the access control elements in the door.


1. Bluetooth reader, fingerprint reader, numeric keypad. 2. Electric drive with Securyespagnolettey. 3. Cable gland. 4. Electrical installation. 5. Black box/ logical installation. 6. Porter button (optional). 7. Integration with SMART HOME control panel (optional). 8. Reed switch / Bolt sensor

Fingerprint reader + Bluetooth EKEY
Features: Fingerprint access control and optional opening via mobile application within the Bluetooth range. Simple administration of the user base by means of a mobile application. Temporary deactivation of selected users. Daily input function activated via an application (recommended door closer). Adjustable reader backlight. Faced with the panel surface. Memory for 99 fingers. Dimensions: 25×52 mm.
Numeric keypad
Features: Access control by means of a 4-6 digit code. Available with two relays (e.g. gate opening) or a control panel output. Any attempted unauthorized access activates the locking mechanism. Dimensions: 45×75 mm.
Fingerprint reader
Features: Fingerprint access control. Administration with remote control or the administrator’s fingerprint. Available with two relays (e.g. second finger door open function) or a control panel output. Memory for 150 fingers. Dimensions: 45×75 mm.


RFID reader
Features: Access control using a key fob or card close to the reader. Simple configuration with a MASTER key fob. Master key fob and 1 user key fob included. Memory for up to 150 key fobs, cards or users Dimensions: 45x75mm.
Blue&Code Reader
Features: Access control using a 4-10 digit code or a mobile application. Supports up to 6 phones and 18 user codes. Housing made of tempered glass. Just enter the first 2 digits of the code on your phone. Functional control also via the application. Modifiable Bluetooth coverage. Dimensions: 45×91 mm.
Sorex Blue Code Reader
Features: Access control using a 4-10 digit code or a mobile application. Functional control also via the application. Modifiable Bluetooth coverage. Just press OK on your phone to open the door. Adjustable reader backlight. Housing made of tempered glass. Dimensions: 46×92 mm.

Elements made of high-quality
stainless steel resistant to even the most adverse weather conditions are faced with the surface of the panel, which makes it easier to keep them clean. They also improve the appearance of your house and the safety of the household members, as they solve the problem of sharp edges*. * Three-dimensional elements in selected models
Stainless steel plinth protection
If you want to protect your door against mechanical damage, you can also have the stainless steel plinth protection installed in one of the three available variants.
Hidden door closer
The hidden door closer provides both functionality and remarkable aesthetic. It is completely concealed in the leaf plate – only the sliding rail is visible when the door is open. The hidden door closer with infinitely variable adjustment of the hold-open device position from 80 to 120 degrees is fitted as standard.
Overhead door closer with guide rail
The door closer with a visually-pleasing flat bar is mounted on the door leaf and door jamb. Available in 3 colors (white / silver / bronze). The door will always close properly, and the extensive adjustment ensures adaptation to the conditions.

Door handle
Optional elegant handle with a divided backplate and a door rosette.
Door jammer
This door jammer allows you to crack the door open. The door will open completely only when you turn the knob once more.
Pull handle with touch sensor / Pull handle with push button
A touch sensor / handle button in combination with an electric lock in Securyespagnolettes ensure comfortable operation: doors can open freely when the pull handle is touched. When the door is closed manually or with a door closer, it is locked again.
Threshold substructure and door jamb extension
For an additional charge, you can order retrofitting of the threshold substructure and door jamb extension to ensure a stable and sealed door installation.

Concealed hinges
Adjustable in three planes, the hinges are the most exclusive solution to increase the aesthetic qualities of your door. They hide the fittings from view both on the outside and on the inside.
JANUS cylinder
The cylinder is equipped with multi-faceted latches, which in combination with anti-drilling protection and protection against copying of the key is the highest class barrier against unauthorized attempts to open the door. It has a symmetrical key which can be inserted both ways. The cylinder is double-sided and allows the door to be opened even if the key has been left in the lock on the other side. Optional standardization of cylinders – when ordering several doors, you can get one key for all locks.
Dog bolts
Mounted on the hinge side, they effectively prevent the door from being forced in. They are by far the cheapest way to increase security.