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Goodbye condensation & cold. Hello comfort & warmth. We choose glass to connect our space with the world outside. But what if the elements compromise our comfort indoors? It was a problem largely beyond your control, until now. With Baualu Caldathermo windows, you can bring the comfort of smart warmth to interior. Now your glazing can replace unsightly bulky radiators freeing up the beauty of uncluttered walls, and floors. At the touch of a switch, you enjoy total control to create a space of absolute comfort by design. Even misting and condensation are a thing of the past.

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  • space saving, greater freedom of interior design – no central heating installation
  • integrated, invisible heating system
  • you will get rid of the cold wall effect
  • the perfect solution for allergy sufferers – no dust movement
  • solution compatible with home automation systems (Smart Home)
  • lower temperature needed to feel the same level of thermal comfort
  • safe protected and inaccessible heating coating
  • low energy consumption – lower operating costs
  • can be used in all Baualu products
  • solves the problem of water vapor condensation or snow covering hard-to-reach surfaces


With Baualu Caldathermo your window panes can guarantee comfortable temperatures in any room.
And whatever the climate, neither steam nor snow will block your view of the world. The number of days with beautiful, natural light will increase noticeably. Use Caldathermo as a heated glass floor. Make an Caldathermo partition wall, which will warm up your room. Give your imagination free reign.

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